B’ Space

B’Space is a flexible and innovative internet-based concept, designed for people with managerial and entrepreneurial spirit. Any person who wants to start his own business or has already done so, but doesn’t have the necessary means to hire his own expert staff, and wants to realize his business strategy, can put their trust in our highly qualified employees and partners. B’Space gives you the opportunity to hire a virtual personal assistant to prepare your documentation and correspondence, organize your business schedule, as well as to consult and advise you and, if need be, deliver the documents you need to a predetermined  address. Apart from being an innovative concept, B’Space is also a future-oriented way of thinking, allowing each and every one of you to plan and organize teams of professionals tailored to the needs of each business. It is a way to turn your business ideas into a real product.

Innovation in Business Services
B’Space is a pioneer in the area of business services not only in Bulgaria, but also on a world scale. The development of the concept took a lot of time, in order for us to analyze and structure the functionality of B’Space.  After completing a thorough marketing research, we determined that the Bulgarian market needs us. In our aim to prepare and present an exceptionally good product, we decided to put our trust in creating a team of highly-qualified experts to collaborate with, when offering the business services of B’Space. Apart from offering the whole variety of business services, from the preparation of official correspondence to accounting, legal, and marketing, we also offer part-time offices, again – in accordance with the needs of Bulgarian business. Our partners are experts, established both on the Bulgarian and world market. Our goal is to provide a high-quality product to our Bulgarian customers, and build a trustworthy brand on that foundation. B’Space is not limited only to the business sphere either - we will also offer our assistance to private citizens who need help with preparing documentation for state and local administration, as well as utility companies.

The Advantages:
The advantages for the customers of B’Space include:

  • Quick, easy and convenient access to a large team of experts
  • Special rates provided by our partners and advertisers for the members of the B’Space business club
  • B’Space is committed to offering high-quality services of its partners and advertisers. To guarantee that, we can give you a detailed information of each item from your document flow anytime you need it.
  • You can delegate the observation of deadlines and the quality control of the tasks you have given our expert partners to your virtual B’Space assistant. By doing so you will save time and energy, which you can then invest into growing your business and reaching your goals faster.
  • Your advantages from joining the B’Space business club become more with every passing day. As the membership of our platform grows, we’ll be able to expand the group of our partners and advertisers and their special discount rates.
  • The B’Space business club gives its loyal members the opportunity to expand their business contacts in a wide variety of markets.

Main customer groups:
The reasons to use the services of B’Space are:

  • For Start-up business – lack of financial resources and/or time; lack of skills or experience in business organization; lack of experts or specialized staff; lack of office space, etc.
  • For Small or Medium-sized business -  lack of financial resources and/or time; lack of skills or experience in business organization; lack of specialized staff;  inability to have complete control over one’s staff; need for cost reduction, etc.
  • For Corporate clients – shortage of expert staff for a certain task; inability to have complete control over one’s staff; etc
  • For Private clients – comprehensive need for administrative assistance due to lack of time or energy to struggle with the bureaucracy or lack of procedural knowledge.

The philosophy of B’Space lies in merging our professionalism with that of our partners. This allows us to provide faster and easier service procedures, thus creating a high-quality product on a more affordable price. We are creating a new business model, aimed at providing the Bulgarian customers with a tranquil and trustworthy environment. We at B’Space firmly believe that this can be achieved by a team of professionals, united in their innovative way of thinking.Behind the seemingly business-oriented concept of "B Space", there is a social platform as well. After we achieve certain volume of paperwork turnover, our team will be joined by qualified disadvantaged people. They will have the opportunity to work remotely from wherever they are, earning a set percentage for the work they carry out. This is a great opportunity for them to earn extra income, feel useful to society, develop and maintain social contacts and enjoy the fruits of their own labor! We are happy to say that "B Space" donates 10% of its profits to different social groups in the form of organizing useful trainings and providing technical work equipment for socially disadvantaged people. We have several such ongoing projects and well soon introduce you to some of those weve already implemented in detail.