General terms for use of “B’Space” services

Please read the General Terms of Use. After pressing a virtual button "Register", it will be considered that you are familiar with these Terms and are obliged to abide by them.
This document contains information about the activities of "B Space", and the general terms for using the services provided by the user program of the company, and regulates the relations between us and each of our registered users.
Confirmation of the General Terms is necessary and indispensable condition for the registration of each user and the conclusion of a contract between him and "B Space".
Art. 1 "B Space" has the right to collect and use information about users, after their registration. The information by which a person can be identified may include name, surname, date of birth, gender, and any other information which the person voluntarily provide when registering. The information includes any, that user enters, uses or provides for the use of electronic office.

Art. 2 (1) "B Space" attends to and is responsible for protection of user information, known to him in connection with registration - subject to these General Terms, except in cases of force majeure, accident or malicious acts of third parties.
(2). In the registration form filled in by the user upon registration, "B Space" indicates the mandatory or voluntary nature of providing data and consequences of refusal to provide them. By expressing agreement with these General Terms, the User agrees their information to be handled in manners provided in the General Terms.
(3) Limitations in Art. 1 shall not apply in case of an obligation for "B Space" to provide personal information for the user to the competent national authorities in accordance with current legislation.

Art. 3 (1) "B Space" collects and uses information according to art. 2 for the purposes set out in these General Terms, as well as to offer new products and / or services to the User (free or paid). The described purposes for which the information is used are not exhaustive and do not create obligations for "B Space".
(2) By accepting these General Terms, the User agrees to the processing of personal data for the purposes of this contract and direct makreting.

Чл. 4 (1) Concluding the contract, the consumer is obliged to pre-register by filling out the electronic registration form, available in real time (on-line) at the Internet site of the "B Space", to agree with these Terms and declare that is qualified.
(2) By pressing the virtual button "Register" which has the power of written confirmation of the General Terms, consumer provides electronic statement within the meaning of the Law on Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act, which declares that he is aware of these Terms, shall adopt them and shall observe them. With its recording on the media server of "B Space", through a common standard for technical conversion making it possible its reproduction, electronic statement becomes an electronic document within the meaning of that Law. "B Space" can store in log files on its server IP addresses of Users, and any other information necessary to identify them and recovering electronic statement of acceptance of the conditions in the event of a legal dispute. The text of these General Terms is available on the Internet site of the "B Space" in a way that allows its storage and reproducing.
(3) Upon registration, the user purchases and pays the "B Space" right to use the electronic services provided. Payment is made in the provided at the website ways.
(4) When completing the application for registration the user is obliged to provide complete and accurate information concerning the identity (for individuals), legal status (for legal persons) and other provisions required by the electronic form of "B Space" data and update them in 7 (seven) days of their change. User declares that for the purposes of this contract agrees to make available the required personal data, which ensures that the data provided in the registration process are true, complete and accurate and in case of a change will update them in a timely manner. In case of providing false information "B Space" has the right to suspend or terminate immediately and without notice provision of services and maintenance of Users registration.

Чл. 5 (1) Upon registration, the user receives a unique username and password to access the services accessible through the website of the "B Space".
(2) The user name with which the user logs does not confer any rights except the right to use a specific user name within the information system of "B Space" for the duration of the contract.
(3) Upon registration the user is required to provide full name and address, respectively the name of the entity he represents. By accepting the General Terms, the user guarantees and acknowledges that he/she has a contractual relationship with the registered company. If incorrect or misleading information is entered, the user is deprived of the right of access to services on the website of "B Space".

(4) User is obliged to take reasonsibility and take measures necessary to protect his/her password. Do not disclose to third parties your password and immediately notify "B Space" if unauthorized access is executed, as well as in case of doubt. The user takes the responsibility and risk for the protection of the password and for all actions performed by him or by a third party using his/her password.
Чл. 6 (1) The contract between the two parties shall take effect upon confirmation of the consent of registered user with the General Terms, by their acceptance by clicking on "Register". The contract is concluded in Bulgarian. By accepting these General Terms the Registrant agrees communication with him to be carried out via email and through the provided virtual office.
(2) In case of unilateral termination of the contract by the registered user, the ammount paid for the use of electronic devices and services provided by "B Space", will not be returned, even if the period of their use is not expired.

Чл. 7 "B Space" reserves the right to unilaterally change the prices of services.

Чл. 8 (1) The user has rights to access in on-line mode to the services provided by the website of the "B Space", subject to the conditions and access requirements set by the "B Space". In order to use the services, the user must enter a user name and password.
(2) User has the right to access and correct the personal data provided during registration in on-line mode.
(3) Intellectual property rights on all materials and resources on the website of the "B Space" (including available databases) are subject to protection under the copyright and related rights, belong to the "B Space" or an indicated person that has ceded the rights to the "B Space", and can not be
used in violation of applicable laws.
(4) Access rights of the user does not include the right to use, copy or reproduce the information constituting the subject of intellectual property, unless it is an insignificant amount of information intended for personal use, provided that it does not damage unreasonably the legitimate interests of authors or holders of intellectual property rights, and in the event that copying or reproduction is carried out by non-profit.
(5) Copying or reproduction of information outside of permissible under the previous paragraph, as well as any other violation of intellectual property rights over the resources of "B Space", the user is due to "B Space" a penalty of 10 000 (ten thousands) BGN for each violation. Indicated amount of the penalty shall not deprive the "B Space" of the right to claim compensation for greater damages than the amount of the penalty.
(6) The user undertakes, when using the granted access to Electronic office and others offered by "B Space" services: to comply with Bulgarian legislation , these General Terms, Internet ethics, morality and decency , not to undermine the reputation of others and does not call for a violent change of the constitutional order , to commit a crime , to violence or incitement of racial, national, ethnic or religious hatred , not to preach fascist or other anti-democratic ideology , not to infringe someone elses property or non- rights, including intellectual property; to immediately notify "B Space" in case of infringement committed or, to not interfere with the proper operation of the system including, but not limited to not frustrate the procedure of identification of other members, not to execute access beyond supplied, not to impede the availability, reliability or quality of the access and not to use it in a way causing denial of use; not to extracted by technical means information resources, or parts of information resources belonging to databases located on the website of the Contractor and thus not to create another database in electronic or other form, not to impersonate another entity or person, or in other ways to mislead trird parties about his/her identity or affiliation to a particular group of people, not to carry out malicious actions under these General Terms.
(7) Except where explicitly stated, the User may not reproduce, modify, delete, publish, distribute and otherwise disclose the information resources available on the website of "B Space".

Чл.9 (1"B Space" shall take due care to enable the user normal access to services conceded.
(2) B Space" has the right to deactivate or delete your username and password to access the users profile, if the latter violates the intellectual property rights of "B Space" contained on the website elements – objects to intellectual property.
(3) B Space" reserves the right to suspend access to provided services after sending notice to the users profile. "B Space" has the right but not the obligation, in its own discretion to delete information resources and materials on this site.

Чл. 10 (1) Except as provided in these General Terms, the contract between the parties is terminated also in case of the closure of "B Space" or termination of maintaining its website.
(2) The user has the right at any time in its sole discretion to suspend use of the services provided by "B Space" service.
(3). Upon termination of the contract, "B Space" disables user profile and deletes the password to access it.

Чл. 11 Outside of the above cases, either party may terminate this contract by giving one-week notice to the other party in the event of failure of the obligations under the contract.

Чл. 12 The written form of the contract shall be considered satisfied by sending an e-mail (e-mail), pressing the electronic button on a content page, which is filled in or selected by the user or ticking a box (check box) at the website, and/or at the electronic office, etc., as far as the technical information is recorded in a way that allows for it to be reproduced.

Чл. 13 The parties declare that if any of the clauses in these General Terms appears to be invalid, this will not entail the nullity of the whole contract or other parts. The invalid provision shall be replaced by the mandatory rules of law or practice.

Чл. 14 All matters unresolved of these General Terms will be subject to provisions of the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.